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  • Charmaine Lang

Mamahood & Community Healing: A Q&A with Ruth Jeannoel []

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We need all forms of care to help create thriving communities. 

Much of what I learned about care came from Black mamas who modeled what it looked like to love and care for self and others. Usually, I would have private conversations with Black mamas who shared their wisdom and experiences with me. We often ate a meal together and created sacred ritual. It is in this tradition that I interviewed Ruth Jeannoel about community and self-healing, MamaHood and the Sacred Ori Deck that she created as a way for us all to move closer to healing and joy. 

I want to start this interview by asking what brings you to healing work?

Ruth Jeannoel: What brings me to this healing work feels so vast and so large. On one hand, my purpose and my ancestors lead me to this work. And on the other hand, I've always thought that my intention on this planet is to bring justice to Black and Brown communities. Being raised in a Black immigrant family, I always felt there were a lot of injustices that were being done against my family, especially around poverty. It always felt unfair that there was so much poverty in the world and that my mom had to work two to three jobs, that she had to work so hard where other people could easily access basic rights like quality education and family supporting wages. What I've come to understand is that justice is healing work. And if we can tap into justice then we can heal our communities. 

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