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  • Charmaine Lang

Why DIY Scrubs are a Project Worth Your Time [Medium]

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Mental Health Awareness Month, celebrated in May since 1949, has ended, but that doesn’t mean your self-care and wellness should.

With the COVD-19 pandemic and continued racist violence against Black people, our health needs even more attention, compassion and care.

Since I am feeling less than courageous to venture outside for more than essential errands and to get some fresh air, I have rediscovered my love for home-made bath and body products. Not only are products like bath bombs and whipped shea fairly easy to make, but Do It Yourself (DIY) projects can also save you money and a trip outside if you are still sheltering in place like I am.

I like to think of DIY projects as an invitation to meditate on creating and conjuring what you need in your life without a high price tag and mysterious ingredients.

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