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  • Charmaine Lang

To the White LGBTQ Community: Your (Racist) Slip Is Showing [Colorlines]

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Claiming “inclusivity” without being anti-racist doesn’t prevent feelings of exclusion.

As a queer Black woman, I don’t want to spend my time correcting white people’s behavior. I’d rather be taking a nap in my backyard, or sipping on gin and juice on my porch. But after a call with a North Carolina Pride Planning Committee, I needed to write this, to say to gay white folks that your racist slip is showing…again. 

To the white people who may be reading this, your gayness does not exempt you from unpacking your white privilege and the ways you may be complacent in anti-Black racism. 

For a year now, I have lived in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Joining a Pride planning call in the area was an effort to build community and engage in local activism. I learned that the local white LGBTQ community is figuring out ways to support the Black LGBTQ community and the Movement for Black Lives, but that white complacency often interferes with the best of intentions. White committee members on the call reported on their participation in BLM protests and proudly recited their belief: they don’t host a Black Pride because their Pride is “inclusive”. I wondered if they talked to Black folx before making that decision.  

Read full article at Colorlines.

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