Black Feminisms: Labor, Love and Leadership

The aim of this course is to examine key issues, ruptures, and possibilities in Black Feminist thought and practice. We will examine questions such as: what has been the evolution of Black Feminism? What does the practice of Black Feminism look like? What does Black Feminism have to do with intersectionality? And, who can be a Black Feminist? 


Black Reality: A Survey of African American Society

This course provides an introduction to the field of African American Studies through examining Black people's experiences and the ways society has changed, or not, since 1865 to the present. We will explore key issues, systems and movements that shape the realities and possibilities of Black life in the United States. We will examine questions such as: what is the reality of Black people in the United States as we imagine it? How has that reality shaped our own narratives and lives? What are the root causes leading to Black reality as we either experience or witness it? How do Black people experience multiple and simultaneous realities? 


Survey of African American Literature

This course involves an examination of selected African American literature via different mediums. The course serves as an introduction to the history and experiences of Black women as shared through selected literature. Therefore, the class is an exploration of the conditions of African Americans with an emphasis on the intersectionality of race, class, sexuality, and gender.